☼☼☼ Some Important Longforms ☼☼☼

☼☼☼ Some Important Longforms ☼☼☼

AD    :  Anno Domini
AIIMS :  All India Institute of Medical Sciences
AIR   :  All India Radio
AM    :  Ante Meridiem (before noon)
AM    :  Amplitude Modulation
BASIC :  Beginners All purposes Symbolic Instruction Code
BBC   :  British Broadcasting Corporation
BHEL  :  Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd.
bps   :  bits per second
BPS   :  Bytes per second
BSNL  :  Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd.
BING  :  Bing Is Not Google
c/o   :  care of
CA    :  Charted Accoutant
CAS   :  Conditional Access System
CBFS  :  Central Board of Film Certification
CBSE  :  Central Board of Secondary Education
CBI   :  Crime Branch of India
CNG   :  Compressed Natural Gas
CD    :  Compact Disk
CID   :  Central Investigation Dept.
CDMA  :  Code Division Multiple Access
CNN   :  Cable News Network
DOT   :  Department of Telecom
DTH   :  Direct-to-Home
DTP   :  Desk Top Publishing
DTS   :  Digital Theater System
DVD   :  Digital Versatile Disc
ECG   :  Electra Cardiogram
fps   :  frames per second
LOC   :  Life on Control
FAQ   :  Frequently Asked Questions
FIR   :  First Investigation Report
FM    :  Frequency Modulation
GSM   :  Global System for Mobile comm.
GPRS  :  General Packet Radio Service
GDP   :  Gross Domestic Product
HP    :  Horse Power 
HP    :  Hewellet Packard (s/w company)
HTML  :  Hyper Text Mark-up Language
HTTP  :  Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
i.e.  :  id est(that is)
IAS   :  Indian Admistration Services
IPS   :  Indian Police Services
IFS   :  Indian Foreign Services
IFS   :  Indian Forest Services
MTNL  :  Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd.
LCD   :  Liquid Crystal Display
LED   :  Light Emitting Diode
LPG   :  Liquified Petrolium Gas
SIM   :  Subscriber Identity Module
USB   :  Universal Serial Bus
UPS   :  Uninterruptable Power Supply
w/o   :  without
w/i   :  within
w/    :  with


Rashesh Bosamiya said...

Need to Change in LOC:- Line Of Control instead of Life Of Control
which refers Indian Military control line between India and Pakistan

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